Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to Find Legitimate Work From Home Phone Operator Jobs (Not sex)

Have you been wondering how to find legitimate work from home phone operator jobs (not sex)? You can find them if you are qualified for this type of customer service. There are many jobs available in customer service, technical support, telephone operators and directory assistance.

To look for legitimate work from home phone operator jobs you should look a legitimate sources such as listings that you find in the newspaper, on online job websites and through recruiters. Do not fall for a scam, you should not have to pay anything to get started in a real job.

TELEPHONE OPERATORS - There are many telephone operator jobs were you can set your own hours and use the phone and computer that you already have. The company can save money by having it's employees in locations that they do not have to pay for. You can benefit by being able to work from home.

CUSTOMER SERVICE - Customer service agents may need more qualifications than a telephone operator. You may need to be familiar with the product, have computer and internet access and be able to troubleshoot any problem that the customer may have.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT - This job position may require a lot of technical knowledge. You may be able to attend a technical college to get the training that you need to apply for a job in this field. There is a growing need for technical support in many industries and there are many more jobs than employers can fill.

DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE - This position probably requires the least amount of technical knowledge. The correct phone number and address must be located and passed onto the caller.

Now you know how to find legitimate work from home phone operator positions (not sex).

Saturday, April 25, 2009

How to Get Legitimate Work From Home Phone Sex Operator Jobs

Have you been trying to figure out how to get legitimate work from home phone sex operator jobs? They are easy to find if you want them. They pay well, however it is more work than you think emotionally. You have to look at it as if it is an acting job and tell yourself that you are performing a part with each conversation. It is alike an adlib acting job. It is not for everyone and if you have a husband and/or children, you really should think of them before accepting the position. Unless you can work in complete privacy it is not a good job for you.

EMOTIONS - Even if you prepare yourself ahead of time, this job can wreak havoc on your emotions. You need to step out side of yourself emotionally and focus only on what needs to be said to keep the caller on the line. Most phone sex operator jobs pay you by the minute, so the longer you can keep the caller on the line the better. Also, if they say something verbally abusive or hang up, you cannot take it personally, you need to let it go immediately.

RESEARCH THE PHONE SEX COMPANIES - There are phone sex operator positions where you can set your hours and work from the comfort of your own home. There may be a few upfront costs if you need a certain telephone headset, etc. Each company has its own rules and compensation. Some pay by the hour, some pay by the minute that you are on the call. Research several before you decide which one is best for you.

PAY - People claim to make $10-$20 per hour. Ask the company how much they expect you to make. Most companies pay within 2 weeks of the work performed.

TRAINING - If you want to know how to get legitimate work from home phone sex operator jobs you can find out a lot about the company by asking about their training. Most legitimate companies will offer free job training. They should give you as much training as you need. They can also provide you with sample scripts so that you know what to say.

Now you know how to get legitimate work from home phone sex operator jobs.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

How To Find Legitimate Work At Home Data Entry Jobs

How To Find Legitimate Work At Home Data Entry Jobs

I know everyone wants to know how to find legitimate work at home data entry jobs, well don't be discouraged they are out there.

The first thing that you need to be aware of is scams. Do not fall for a scam. I know this is difficult because that is why they are called scams, you cannot recognize them as such. The bottom line is, do not pay for job listings or to get started in a job. Jobs should be free for you. If you work, then you get paid. There is no such thing as paying your employer. If money needs to come out of your pocket, it should only be for a computer and a decent internet connection.

MTURK - My favorite data entry website of odd jobs is Mturk run by Amazon is a very reputable company so you know that you are dealing with a credible source. There are also thousands of odd jobs on there. The only draw back is that most of them do not pay very well, but if you are looking to make money, you can definitely make money using Mturk. You may feel like you live in a third world country, but at least you will get paid and fast. I have actually been paid within hours of finishing my work sometimes. Each job is for a different request and not all of them are so prompt, but most are. If you need extra support, so to There is a forum of turkers that can help you out with your issues. Also, if a requester does not pay you, you will automatically get paid 30 days after your work. The only drawback is if your work gets rejected. Don't let this happen to you, read all of the instructions thoroughly before taking the hit.

WRITING GIGS - Writing online is a wonderful way to make money. You can write about what you know. If you are a musician then write about music, if you are a maid then write about hotels. Write about what you know and get paid for it. My favorite websites for writing are, and There are tons of other websites, but these have been the highest earners for me.

BLOGGING - I know that some people think that blogging is easy, others think that blogging is difficult. It is of course a little of both. You can write about what you want, but you may not get paid for most of it. If you really want know how to make money blogging, you will need to learn more about keyword niches. If you have not already done so, you can find more great articles on this blog or you can visit some of my other blogs for more information. My blogs such as Make Money Online Without Spending a Penny (and I mean it!), my Blog For Money Now, or my Passive Income Writing Online blog.

There are many good articles on about writing as well. It has taken me four months to get started by I have finally figured out how to find legitimate work at home data entry jobs that pay well.