Monday, May 18, 2009

How To Find Legitimate Work From Home Focus Group Jobs

Did you ever want to know how to find legitimate work from home focus group jobs?

Focus groups are research groups that research a particular product or service to let the manufacturer know how well the product will do and who it will appeal to. It is so much fun that it does not even feel like work. It is more like researching a product for your own use. Focus groups allow you to make extra money and use new products for free.

Manufacturers desperately want to know what people think of their products so they know how to market it and make it better. Focus group participants get to test products for free as long as they give all of their feedback to the manufacturer. You can find legitimate work from home focus group jobs.

ONLINE FOCUS GROUPS - Manufacturers are making it even easier to be in focus group. Some focus groups can be done online while all of the participants are networked together.

TELECONFERENCE FOCUS GROUPS - Focus groups can also be conducted over the telephone. It is important that the focus groups discuss issues together as a group, so working over the phone is very helpful.

MINI FOCUS GROUP - Focus groups usually are comprised of 8 - 12 people, however, they can come in smaller or "mini" groups.

TWO WAY FOCUS GROUP - Sometimes manufacturers will have one focus group watch and observe a second focus group to see if they can add to the final conclusion of the focus group that is discussing the product.

Normally there is moderator for the group. Sometimes there are two moderators, one that takes one position and the other takes an opposing position. In other focus groups the moderators have different roles. One may make sure all of the rules and tasks are followed while the other makes sure that they stay on topic.

Sometimes the manufacturers will put someone from their company in the focus group. This can be known or unknown by the other participants. Obviously this can change the opinion of the group.

Although focus groups are used extensively by the U.S. government to evaluate educational materials, there are issues with using focus groups. Not all manufacturers want to take the time and spend the money on focus groups.

Search for paid focus group jobs online with your favorite manufacturers.

Now you know how to find legitimate work from home focus group jobs.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

How To Find Legitimate Work From Home Freelance Writing Jobs Online

If you would like to know how to find legitimate work from home freelance writing jobs online?

More and more you can find freelance writing jobs online. Freelance writing has become a highly coveted position.

ONLINE NEWSPAPERS - Numerous online newspapers such as the Examiner offer easy to apply freelance writing jobs. You can apply on their website and start writing almost immediately. They will pay you a flat rate per article. Normally they do not pay residuals so the flat rate is all that you will receive and you no longer own your work.

WRITING WEBSITES - Online writing websites such as ehow offer a unique formula for calculating how much their freelance writers make, but they don't seem to be complaining. Writers on this website still own their work and can post it on other sites. The articles continue to make money over time.

Other writing websites such as constant-content pay a per article rate that is set by you. You can also choose how the article is to be used. Normally you are paid just a flat rate and not residuals.

Websites such as offer a high rate per 1,000 article views. Each website offers difference requirements and different rates of pay. Research each to try to find the website that will work best for you. There are plenty of work from home freelance writing jobs online, just start looking.

PREPARATION - Practice makes perfect when it comes to being a good writer. Keep practicing and you will become a better writer. Have a friend or a loved one review your work for errors or read your work backwards to find errors. If you want to be a freelance writer, you will need to play the part well. Always submit perfect work, spell check and check for accurate facts and grammar errors.

RESUME - Although you may not need it for all of your freelance work, you should have a proper resume to present when it is needed. Present a a perfect resume. Details are very important. No spelling or typographical errors should be found on your resume, especially if you are planning on being a freelance writer.

There are many jobs available right now, if you truly believe that writing is your calling, you can practice every day until you find the perfect job for you. Now you know how to find legitimate work from home freelance writing jobs online.

How to Find Legitimate Work From Home Virtual Assistant Jobs

Are you wondering how to find legitimate work from home virtual assistant jobs?

Being a virtual assistant is one of the best work from home jobs you can find. You will need to be available whenever your virtual boss needs you, but that does not mean that you will be stuck in front of your computer, oh no. You can take your blackberry or other mobile device with an internet connect to stay in touch with your boss constantly.

The work will vary depending on who you work for and may be typing and research or as simple as giving device. Try to ask as many questions as possible before you accept the position. Sometimes bosses just need someone to bounce ideas off of. Other times they need someone to be like a girl friday that can do just about everything.

The work may require phone time as well. You may need to be in constant contact with your boss either over the internet, on the phone or by texting. Normally the type of employer that is looking for a virtual assistant is a very busy person and they need someone to take some of that work off of their backs. The work needs to be done precisely and quickly. Most likely you will not be given many opportunities to screw up. Take this job seriously.

You will need to be proficient in typing, research, customer service, telephone etiquette and more. Each employer will let you know their requirements. You will not be able to fool them into thinking that you can do more than you can because you will need to do this work constantly.

You can apply and hold multiple virtual assistant jobs at one time. As long as you are able to get the work done and juggle all of your job requirements so that it does not affect your other employers you can be paid all day long for your work. This is an excellent way to make a living. You will be able to make a career salary, not just a part time salary.

Work at home job seekers are moving quickly to fill up these highly coveted virtual assistant positions because the pay is excellent for what you will be doing. The jobs are never boring and will keep you busy. Now you know how to find legitimate work from home virtual assistant jobs online.

How To Work Worldwide as A Proofreader

Have you been wondering how to work anywhere in the world as a proofreader?

Another great career for work from home job seekers is being a proofreader. There are many companies that need their work reviewed by either editors or proofreaders. This is very crucial to the professionalism and they take it very seriously. This is a legitimate and excellent job for those that are good at it.

GRAMMAR PROOFREADER - Some proofreading jobs just required the proofreader to scan for misspellings, grammar errors and other writing mistakes. This is the easiest form of proofreading. You will only need to know proper spelling, grammar and writing to acquire a position in this field.

FACT CHECKER - More advanced proofreading jobs required the proofreader to check the facts in the writing and make sure that there is not any inaccurate, misleading or wrong information in the document. This method takes much longer and may require extensive research. The best part about it is that you can work worldwide as a proofreader.

You can work anywhere in the world as a proofreader, in your home, on your boat, sitting in the park. Anywhere that you can take your laptop. You may not even need a consistent internet connection. You can download your documents onto your computer from the internet, but when you are actually working on the proofreading jobs you can just do it on your computer and then upload it to the internet when you are finished.

You do not need a formal education to be a proofreader, you just need to have the proper skills. Of course a great education and impeccable resume will not hurt you, but if you can prove that you can do the work, your actual education is not important.

Proofreaders are also needed for jobs in many foreign languages not just English. If you are proficient in multiple languages you can find much more work. There is work available all over the world in proofreading and that means that it is needed in just about every language in the world. This work is not the same as translating, because you are not actually translating, you are just checking for accurate and precise information.

If you are looking into proofreading jobs, keep looking because there are numerous jobs available online. Employers are constantly looking for sub contractors to work in this field. Now you know how to work worldwide as a proofreader.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

How To Get Free Legitimate Work From Home Translator Jobs

Are you wondering how to get free legitimate work from home translator jobs?

If you are able to speak, read or write in two languages, you can find work from home translator jobs. Many different languages are needed so it almost does not matter what languages you know. The most popular languages needed by translators are English, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. Many other language translators are needed.

VERBAL to WRITTEN - Many companies have audio that needs to be translated and transcribed into written documents. You can search online if you have the ability to translate and transcribe the information into a professional document.

VERBAL to VERBAL - There are many translator jobs available that are verbal to verbal translations. If you have a good and clear speaking voice and can translate another language, this may be the work for you. Many times this type of translation requires you to work in person. In other instances you are able to translate at home and record your responses.

WRITTEN t0 WRITTEN - This is the most common translation work that you will find online. You can easily do this sort of translation at home at your own pace. Most likely you will be paid a flat rate for the document and you can work at your own pace. These are definitely the best legitimate work from home translator jobs.

There are many companies that are looking for translators including the military, doctors, hospitals, police agencies, schools, banks, and many other every day companies. You do not need to search just for translator jobs. You can contact other businesses that may need translation services.

Search online for legitimate translation companies that need more help. You will prove your worth with just one job because you either know the languages or you don't.

Translators normally need to be very flexible about when and where they work. If you only want to work from home, you will be limited to jobs that can be done at your home. You will be able to find plenty of work either way.

Language translators are coveted in the business and international economy. There are so many instances where language translation is crucial and must be perfect and there are very few competent translators. If you are able to translate, you should get started today.

Now you know how to get free legitimate work from home translator jobs online.

How To Find Free Legitimate Work From Home Typing Jobs

You can easily find free legitimate work from home typing jobs.

Work at home typing jobs really do exist. I am doing one write now, running my own blog is one of my jobs. It is an easy typing job that I can do at my leisure. If you are looking for similar work, it is available just about everywhere you can think of.

TYPIST - Many occupations such as an attorney or small business owner, require documents and reports to be typed. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners want to save money by hiring freelance typists to type up their documents rather than hiring an employee. This saves the individual or company a lot of money.

CONTACT BUSINESS - Contact local businesses to see if they have any typing jobs that you can bring home and do at your own pace. You can quote them a per document price and not an hourly wage. Try to talk to the owner because the secretary or other employees may be your competition.

RESUME - Drop off your resume at local business that you believe may need some freelance typing jobs. Make sure your resume is extremely professional and perfect. Check and re check it. You cannot have any spelling errors or typographical errors on your resume. It is your job to pay attention to details. Try reading your resume backwards so that you can catch any errors.

PRIVACY - You may want to print up a privacy statement which you can sign and give to your client to let them know that any of the information in the document will not be disclosed to others.

ONLINE - You should also contact online businesses to see if they have any extra typing work. Many companies may have a backlog of work that their current employees may not be able to handle. Send your resume and follow up with the human resources department. Let them know that you are looking for sub contracting work and not to become an employee. They may be interested because they can pay you a flat rate and not all of the employee benefits.

PROFESSIONALISM - Be a professional at every level even you do not initially find work from a company or individual, you never know when you may have the opportunity to work with that company or person in the future, do not burn your bridges now.

Start today to find free legitimate work from home typing jobs online.

How to Find Free Legitimate Pay to Blog Jobs

If you would like to know how to find free legitimate pay to blog jobs, look no further!

You can easily find pay to blog jobs because they are becoming more and more popular. Many online companies pay bloggers to post blogs to their site. Sometimes the blogs can be about any thing that the blogger wants to write about. Sometimes it is about a specific topic and either a positive or negative twist. Blogging can be fun, especially if you are allow to blog about various topics.

PAY - Before you get started you should thoroughly read all of the websites information about how, when and if you will be paid. Some websites are vague or they have contingencies that prevent you from being paid. Many times there will be a minimum amount that you have to reach before you are paid, normally you are required to be a U.S. citizen and many sites require you to have a paypal account. If paypal is the only form of payment, then you must have a paypal account to be paid.

DAILY BLOGGING - There are websites that ask you to blog about anything that you want each day and they will pay you. Sometimes they have many other requirements such as original and unique content. They may also require that you post a certain number of posts per month in order to get paid and reach a minimum payout. Find out all of the details before you get started.

WEBSITES - There are many new websites that need to be filled with content. Usually you will be required to write about a specific topic and may even be required to say certain key points. If your content is not approved you may not be paid for it. However if this happens you will still retain the rights to your content and may be you can fix it or sell it or post it somewhere else.

POST - There are websites were you can post your content with a price and allow buyers to come to you. It may take a little longer to make money this way, but you may make better money. Normally once it is sold the content no longer belongs to you and you cannot use it on another website.

You can easily find free legitimate pay to blog jobs right now and get started today. You can be transferring money to yourself in two days.

How To Prepare For An Interview For Phone Operator Jobs (Not sex)

Have you been wondering how to prepare for an interview for phone operator jobs (not sex)?

Most likely your interview will be over the phone, most of the time the companies that you will be interviewing for are in another state or country. There are many telephone operator positions available that allow you to work from home or a phone call center. Companies would rather save money and the cost of benefits by having you work from home.

Because the company may be far away, the interview will be conducted over the phone. Make sure that you are sounding your best. Do not interview if you are sick or have a scratchy throat. Have a large glass of water nearby just in case you need it. Be prepared for a long interview. Use the bathroom before hand and have your resume or notes handy during the interview. You may also need to write things down, so have a pen that works in your hand.

EXPERIENCE - Make sure you mention any previous experience that you have had in this occupation. If you have had no or little experience ask what kind of training they have available. Include any experience in related customer service occupations.

EDUCATION - Your education is important for any job. List all of your education including any specialty classes that you may have taken. Awards and certificates should also be mentioned.

VOICE - Speak slowly, clearly and deliberately. You will need to come across very professionally during the interview to even have a chance at this job. First impressions are the only impressions in this instance. If your voice is not clear and precise, you will not get the job. Make sure that you are prepared.

Phone operator positions are highly coveted, especially if you are allowed to work from home. There will be a lot of competition. Phone operator jobs that do not involve sex are not as easy to come by as the ones that do include sex talk.

Be professional at all times even if you do not get the position. May be you will find a position with this company in the future. Do not burn your bridges. The company may have other information for you about other jobs or positions at sister companies. Ask as many questions as you can think of.

Now you know how to prepare for an interview for phone operators jobs (not sex).

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How To Find Legitimate Telecommuting Jobs Online

Have you been wondering how to find legitimate telecommuting jobs online?

You can turn your current job into a telecommuting job over the internet. Work with your boss to turn your current job into the work from home job of your dreams. Make a list of the tasks that you do every day at your job and analyze each one to see if they are tasks that you will be able to do at home. You may also want to write out your plan to modify tasks so that you can do them at home. It may be helpful to create a work from home rule book also, so that your boss can see that you are serious about this endeavor and you will work professionally.

JUST ASK - If you have a job that can be performed remotely, you should definitely talk to your boss about telecommuting. Companies are much more open to this kind of opportunity because they save money. Ask your boss if there is a way that you can convert your job into a telecommuting job.

PART TIME WORK - If your job or your boss does not allow you to work full time at home, may be you can work part time from home. You may be able to work 1, 2, 3 or even 4 days at home. Make a list of the things that must be done at your company. Try to squeeze those tasks into a few days at work. Make sure you include meetings and other events at work that you cannot miss.

FLEXIBLE POSITIONS - If your current job position does not allow you to telecommute from home, may be you can change to a position that would allow working from home. Ask your boss or check with the human resource department of your company to see what possibilities are available. Now you know how to find legitimate telecommuting jobs online, you can convince your boss that it is the right thing to do and will save the company money.

NEW JOB - Of course, if you are unable to work something out with your current job or your current position, you can always try to find a new job. You can keep your current job until you find exactly what you are looking for. Make sure it is well established before you quit your day job. It is possible to find legitimate telecommuting jobs online.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

How To Get Legitimate Work From Home Dispatcher Jobs Online

Have you been wondering how to get legitimate work from home dispatcher jobs?

There are dispatching jobs that can now be done out of your home with the proper equipment, phone lines and computer. This is a serious job and has to be done during set business hours.

Companies across the country are trying to save money by allowing dispatchers to work from home and dispatch services over the phone. They normally do require special software and phone equipment that is compatible with their system. Police Departments, tow truck companies, service companies and private security guard companies utilize dispatchers.

Dispatching jobs do not require degrees or educational levels, however they may require certain training specific to the job to are seeking. This is the perfect opportunity for you to apply for a great job now that you know how to get legitimate work from home dispatcher jobs. Your experience does not usually matter although if you have had some secretarial, hostess or other job with phone experience it may help.

Many companies looking for dispatchers offer excellent pay and benefits. Once you are accepted this could be a long term job for you. Because the pay and benefits are good it is a highly sought after position. You could end up working this job for many years. Dispatching jobs are one of the few jobs with excellent pay that do not require a college degree or any previous experience.

Now that you know how to get legitimate work from home dispatchers jobs online, apply today.

How to Get Legitimate Work From Home Craft Making Jobs

If you want to know how to get legitimate work from home craft making jobs you can find them online!

Craft making jobs may sound like easy and fun work but there are many things to consider before you take on this task. Make sure that your expectations are the same as the company you are making the crafts for. There are some companies that use craft making as a ruse to get you to buy their supplies but they will never purchase the completed crafts from you.

PERFECTION - The first thing that you need to understand is that some companies require such a high level of perfection that it cannot be achieved. They require that you purchase the supplies from them with the agreement that they will purchase it back in the form of the completed craft. However, this does not usually happen because their standards are two high. It appears to be a scam because the company requires you to purchase the supplies ahead of time and then they refuse to refund you. These are not usually legitimate work from home craft making jobs.

CRAFT MAKING JOBS - It is best to find a legitimate craft making job by finding a company that offers a wide variety of companies to choose from and some protection for the worker. You can get lists of legitimate companies to create crafts for. When you are researching your choice make sure it is something that you can actually make. Start with something simple and something that you have experience in such as sewing.

SUPPLIES - Find a company that either supplies the materials for you or that allows you to purchase your supplies locally. This will protect you from a scam. If you are allowed to pick up your own supplies make sure that they are exactly what the company requires.

SHIPPING - Most of the companies will require you to ship the finished products back to them in the condition that they requested. Make sure you find out all of the details about what you should do.

ASK QUESTIONS - Make sure you ask plenty of questions before you get started. Go over all of the steps of the process so that you understand exactly what to expect. Make sure that you have adequate contact information with the company that you are working for.

Remember these tips when you are looking to find legitimate work from home craft making jobs.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How To Find Legitimate Part Time Police Jobs

Have you been wondering how to find legitimate part time police jobs?

There are many police related jobs that do not require you to become an actual police officer or work full time. There are jobs such as police reserves, investigation consultants, and police dog handler and trainer.

POLICE RESERVES - Sometimes in retirement police officers become bored and want to participate in police work again. Because they are retired and are unable to come back to the force full time, they instead sign up to work as a police reserve officer. Police reserve officer jobs are usually part time. Police reserve officers normally do things such as transport prisoners and aide other police officers during their normal duty. Police reserve officers are not usually sent out on patrol, nor are they put in situations that are very dangerous. Police reserve officer jobs are perfect for retired police officers that still want to be involved in police work without the long term commitment. You will still be put through a long and vigorous hiring process and background check. You can find legitimate part time police jobs.

INVESTIGATION CONSULTANTS - Highly skilled individuals with excellent experience are often wanted for crime scene investigations, online cyber investigations and other investigations where the police may need outside investigators. If you have skills that can be utilized by the police department, contact them to find out what they have available. Sometimes they need people to pose as victims so that they can catch perpetrators in their online investigations. This is exactly how to find legitimate part time police jobs, get out there and ask questions.

POLICE DOG HANDLER AND TRAINER - Police dog handlers and trainers are not necessarily police officers. Many times they are just good dog handlers and trainers and over time become trusted by the police agencies that they do work for. This job does not usually require special schooling, degrees or police training. If you are a highly skilled dog trainer and handler, you can offer your skills to your local police department and they will let you know what training they will need you to do.

If you want to find a job in the police department, you do not necessarily need to become an actual police officer. There are many jobs that you can do, especially if you have some special skills that can be utilized by the police department.

Now you know how to find legitimate part time police jobs, so go out and get one.

How To Get Legitimate Work From Home Survey Taking Jobs Online

Do you want to know how to get legitimate work from home survey taking jobs online? Did you know that there are legitimate survey websites that pay you real money to take surveys? Of course, there are a lot of scams out there also so you do need to watch out.

BEWARE OF SIGN UPS - Survey sites that ask you to sign up for other programs or plans that will or could cost you money, do not do it. For example, if a site asks you to sign up for Netflix for a two week trial, do not do it unless you already planned to sign up for Netflix. These kind of sites are not true survey sites. They are paid by Netflix and other companies to find people to sign up for their services. You will be required to give your credit card information and will start being billed after the trial period ends. If you do not cancel, then you will start paying per month. Not really worth the $1.00 you received from the fake survey company. You can find out how to get work from home survey taking jobs online without falling for a scam.

BEWARE OF SPYWARE - Some survey taking sites want you to download software on your computer that will spy on you and record everything that you do on your computer. You are paid a few bucks but the retailers are spying on you for months. This type of "survey" taking is not recommended.

True survey taking sites that pay real money ask you to take real surveys. Surveys are questionnaires about a certain topic. Most real survey taking sites have plenty of real surveys for you to take. They may not allow you to take too many at one time, but over time you can find legitimate work from home survey taking jobs that pay well enough. The time you spend may be time that you would have wasted surfing around on the web anyway.

True survey taking sites actually pay you. They will let you know how much you need to earn for a payout, how you will be paid and when you will be paid.

True survey taking sites do not require you to give your credit card information or payment information. Although they will ask you for personal information, you should never have to pay or give a credit card number to have a job and work for a survey site.

Now you know how to get legitimate work from home survey taking jobs online.

How To Find Legitimate Work From Home Photography Jobs Online

Have you been wondering how to find legitimate work from home photography jobs online? Did you know that you can take photos, post them on websites and get paid when others want to use them? What an awesome job. You are your own boss. Best of all you can set the prices of your photos on most websites.

There are numerous photography sites that allow photographers to place their photos on the site for free. People are looking for a variety of photos, so whether you take pictures of flowers or pictures of airplanes, if they are good photos eventually someone will have a need for your photo. There are even sites that allow risque or semi nude photos to be posted on their site. Check with the website to find out what all of the rules are before you post. You do not want to break the rules right when you just got started.

This is an excellent work at home opportunity for professional or casual photographers. You do not need to have any expertise. Even beginning photographers can make some extra cash with this unique money making opportunity. The websites will help you with the upload process and the photos do not even need to be that great. It is amazing to see what kind of photos people are looking for and are willing to pay for. You have been trying to find legitimate work from home photography jobs online and now you can make the extra money you need.

You may have the best results if you take photos of things that are not easy to find on the web. Find unusual objects such as slow motion photography of moving objects or photographing electricity. Even if you take photos of individual items such as a tail light or a thumb you may get a lot of inquiries for your photos. There are so many things in the world that you can photograph.

You can work your own hours as a part time photographer. If you want to, you can even make it a full time job. The more photos you post online, the better chance that someone will want to purchase them or pay to use them. You can start to build your reputation as a photographer and do all of your work right out of your own home.

Now you know how to find legitimate work from home photography jobs online, you can get started today.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

How To Find Legitimate Online Work At Home Jobs

Did you want to know how to find legitimate online work at home jobs?

There are actually several places where you can find odd jobs, writing, doing data entry, review photos, etc. and get paid almost instantly. There have been times when I was paid within a couple of hours of completely my work. The money can then be deposited directly into your bank account. No paypal account needed or accepted.

Mturk - Mturk is run by so you know that they are a legitimate website. They always have numerous jobs available. Once the job is completed they pay very fast. I have been paid within hours of completing work at times. If the requester does not pay you, they are required to pay within 30 days, so you will not wait longer than that. It is very rare for that to happen. Although the pay is not great it is a legitimate work at home job.

Mturk requesters sign up to put data entry jobs on Mturk for workers to do. The requester sets the amount that the worker will be paid. Sometimes the jobs can be done very quickly and therefore it is worth your time to do the tasks.

Mturk jobs are extremely low paying so you have to do a lot of them to make money. They are called "hits". The hits range in value, but are sometimes only a few cents each. Each hit may ask the worker to view photos, write blog content, or some other mundane task. The work is normally pretty easy.

Mturk usually has a few writing hits. Workers are paid anywhere from $3.00 - $8.00 for a 1,000 word or less assignment. The work must be approved before it is paid. If you want to find legitimate online work at home jobs, Mturk is the place to be.

If you are an Mturk worker you should be aware that there is a website for all Mturkers to discuss the things going on at Mturk. The website is Be aware that sometimes requesters that have a bad reputation among workers will go onto and pretend they are a worker and say good things about themselves.

They pay you by directly depositing the money into your bank account or by issuing you an amazon gift certificate. The direct deposit is awesome and quick.

Now you know how to find legitimate online work at home jobs.

How To Find Legitimate Work From Home Jury Duty to Make Money

Did you know how to find legitimate work from home jury duty to make money?

There are many websites that require jurors for mock and real trials. It is amazing that online jurors are in such a demand. In some instances you will be required to work as a juror during actual services and therefore you will need to be online the entire time required. Other times you may just need to fill out questionnaires or forms at your leisure.

There are many attorneys that need the help and advice of mock trials. They want to see how people of various backgrounds and walks of life will react to their case. They also want to see what the outcome could be in the same county where they may hold their trial.

Many online websites offer a mock trial or real trial services. If an attorney wants to find out how his case will do in front of a jury, he can practice with an online jury. Sometimes this requires the juror to follow along at the time of the case and other times, questionnaires and forms are filled out at your leisure. Work from home jury duty jobs really do exist.

The mock trial websites pay members of the community where the real trial make take place to participate as jurors. You will only be asked to participate when there is a trial in your area that you qualify for.

The actual trials are very entertaining. This type of work is fun and pays well. You will really enjoy participating in the trial and learning about the cases.


Most mock trial websites pay between $5 per hour up to a flat rate of about $60 for jurors for each trial. It is a fun and entertaining way to make money. The money is great considering it is very entertaining to do the work. You will learn about real trials and must keep information confidential. Each company has its own rules and payment structure check with each company before you sign up. Read all of the disclosures and rules.

If you have worked in the legal industry, are an attorney, have relatives that are attorneys or if you have been to law school, you will be required to disclose it. You will be required to give accurate personal information about yourself to the websites to find legitimate work from home jury duty to make money.

Friday, May 1, 2009

How to Get Legitimate Writing Jobs Online

Do you want to know how to get legitimate writing jobs online?

There are many legitimate writing jobs online, I have first hand knowledge of this fact because I work for several very credible online companies. They pay fairly, accurately and on time.

EHOW.COM - You can easily set up an account on ehow and get started writing today. It may take a few months for your articles to start making money, but once they do it is good money and steady money. I have seen people start to make $500 per month in residual income in just four months. It took me five months to reach that level. Ehow does not pay up front payments, only based on the popularity of your articles using a secret formula that they will not disclose but seems to be based on google adsense revenues. Follow the rules and you will love posting your articles on ehow. It may start slow but eventually the earnings will start rolling in. They pay through Paypal only. All articles must be in the "How to" format and have actionable steps.

ASSOCIATED CONTENT - Associated Content pays upfront for articles that they approve. You can make between $1-$15 dollars per article depending on the quality and uniqueness of the article. Associated Content also pays additional performance payments based on views, but the money is not very good. If you are happy with just your upfront payments you may be happy with Associated Content. They do pay quickly, through Paypal only. Articles must be a minimum of 400 words. You can write in a variety of styles and on a variety of topics.

BUKISA - Bukisa has a unique writing program. You can actually build up a network of people under you and make profit off of them as well. The articles must be a minimum of 250 words but you can self publish without any prior approval. This does not change their earnings and they can always bring in people under them also. It is a great networking site and you can make some money on your articles. They pay through Paypal.

- Constant Content pays the highest upfront payments that I have seen for article content. You can actually post your content and the amount that you want for it. Potential buyers can get a preview of the first few lines of your article to see if they want to buy it. If it is sold the article is no longer yours and you do not receive any other payments in association with your sold article. Lengths of articles can vary. Your articles have to be approved before they can be viewed by potential buyers.

Now you know how to get legitimate writing jobs online.

How to Get Jobs, Employment or Work Listings Free Online

Do you want to know how to get jobs, employment or work listings free online?

Job searching is now easier than ever. You can search for jobs, get email alerts of new jobs and post your resume online for potential employers to view. You can look for work at home jobs, online jobs or local jobs in your neighborhood quickly and easily. You can research companies and find out all of the information you need to know without leaving the comfort of your own home.

RECRUITERS - Recruiters can be very helpful when you are looking for a job if they are legitimate. Check on potential recruiters by contacting the human resources department of the company you are applying to, to find out if they are working with the recruiter. Recruiters are a big help to job seekers. They can help you find a job, negotiate a salary and find you a new job if the first one does not work out. You can easily get jobs, employment and work listings free online to help you get started looking for a job.

RESUME - It is crucial that you have a professional resume. Your resume must include all of the pertinent information such as your education and work experience. It must also look very professional and not contain any errors, typos or misspellings. Have someone else review your work to make sure that it is accurate. Print it out on high quality paper if you will be delivering it in person. Make sure that it is formatted correctly and looks professional if you are sending it as an email attachment or submitting it through a website.

SUBMIT ONLINE - You can easily post your resume on web sites for potential employers. Make sure you update your posted resumes if your address or phone number changes. You can also apply to many different jobs at a variety of credible employers online. Employers can find your resume and contact you will potential jobs that fit your employment and education experience.

The internet has made job hunting very fast and easy. You will not need to spend hours cutting out ads and calling potential employers. Everything is automated now and you may not even need to talk to your potential employer until they request an interview. Follow through with every employer and send a thank you letter after your interview.

Get jobs, employment or work listings free online today.

How To Find Legitimate Work From Home Court Reporter or Transcription Jobs Online

If you are looking for a work from home position then you need to know how to find legitimate work from home court reporter or transcription jobs online.

Lucky for you the court systems in every state are trying to cut costs by reducing the amount of actual live court reporters that they have on their payrolls. Instead many courts are simply recording their live court proceedings and hiring court reporters to transcribe them at home on their own time. This development has opened up numerous new job openings for court reporters and transcribers.

PRACTICE TYPING - Court reporting requires accuracy and speed. Sharpen up on your skills before applying for positions in court reporting. You will be tested so please put down your accurate typing skills on your application.

CONTACT - Contact your local judicial system to find out if they have anything available in your area. You can also leave a resume just in case they are not hiring at this time.

PREPARE A PROFESSIONAL RESUME - It is imperative that you prepare a very professional, detailed and accurate resume. No typos or spelling errors should be found. Have a friend or a relative review your resume for accuracy.

You can learn to find legitimate work from home court reporter or transcription jobs online and work out of the convenience of your own home.

How to Get Legitimate Work From Home Medical Transcription Jobs Online

Have you been wondering how to get legitimate work from home medical transcription jobs online?

When you are looking for a legitimate work from home medical transcription jobs online watch out for scams. There are a lot of scams online. You should not have to pay to get information about a job or to get a job. If something seems to good to be true than it probably is, check it out first.

Legitimate Companies - Look for jobs with large corporations and legitimate companies that you know have credibility. Look for professional and well managed websites. Avoid any websites that want you to give them your information such as email address, name and phone number before they give you information. Legitimate companies will have information on their site for the public to read without jumping through hoops first. You can get legitimate work from home medical transcription jobs online if you look hard enough.

Be Professional - When contacting potential employers for work at home medical transcription jobs make sure that you are extremely professional. They are looking for accuracy and attention to detail, don't make any typos or spelling errors on emails, applications or your resume.

Be Competitive - Typing fast and accurate will be crucial to getting a job in medical transcription. Sharpen up your typing skills if you need to before applying.

You can get legitimate work from home medical transcription jobs online if you are diligent.

How to Get Legitimate Teaching and Tutoring Jobs Online

Have you been wondering how to get legitimate teaching and tutoring jobs online?

Teaching and tutoring jobs can be found everywhere, online and in your local community. No matter what your level of experience or education, you can find positions for teaching and tutoring jobs online.

Universities - Traditional brick and mortar universities as well as online universities need more teachers and tutors. Every day they have more of a need for online teachers and tutors as their services online expand. Contact local and online universities to find a position that suits your needs and experience.

Online Schools - More and more online schools are popping up everyday. Contact online schools to find out what they have available. Even if you do not have experience if you are willing to tutor kids and adults you can find a position. Tutoring does not require a degree or a high level of knowledge.

Elementary Through High Schools - Brick and mortar schools from elementary through high school are always looking for qualified teachers and tutors. If you can volunteer as a teacher it is even better. Teachers can start many times even if they do not have their credentials finished. Schools are so desperate for good teachers that they will give you a chance. Contact your local schools to find out what is available. If you look, you can find out how to get legitimate teaching and tutoring jobs online.

Tutoring Schools - Tutoring schools across the country are opening up to service the growing need of failing students. There are many jobs available for teachers and tutors to work with students. Sometimes online and sometimes at the facility. Contact tutoring centers in your area to find out what positions they have available.

Private Individuals - Private individuals are always looking for talented or qualified individuals to teach their children. Look for ads in your local newspaper to find tutoring jobs in your area. Now you know how to get legitimate teaching and tutoring jobs online.

How To Find Legitimate Oil and Gas Jobs In Angola Online

If you have been wondering how to find legitimate oil and gas jobs in Angola online, look no further.
There are plenty of Oil and Gas Jobs in Angola and you can find most of them online.

WEBSITES - There are many reputable websites that can help you on your quest to find an oil or gas industry job., and have many jobs in Angola, Nigeria and other African nations.

BUSINESSES - Many large businesses such as BP and ExxonMobil have jobs available in Angola, Nigeria and other African nations. Look for a job with a reputable company so that you can get good wages and benefits.

SUBMIT YOUR RESUME - Submit your resume for as many jobs as you are qualified for. You can find legitimate oil and gas jobs in Angola online. You can also find jobs in neighboring Nigeria. Make sure that your resume is very professional.

FOLLOW UP - Follow up with the employer to make sure that they received your resume.

Now you know how to find legitimate oil and gas jobs in Angola online.

How To Get Legitimate Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria

Do you need to know how to find legitimate oil and gas jobs in Nigeria? There are many companies that are hiring in Nigeria almost all of the time. If you have the skills and are willing to work hard you can find a job in oil and gas in Nigeria.

LOOK AT REPUTABLE COMPANIES - ExxonMobile, Adexen, Sahara Group, and WorleyParsons are all looking for reliable hard working individuals in the oil and gas field. From accountants to experienced engineers, there are many job positions available.

SUBMIT YOUR RESUME - Submit your resume to as many companies in the oil and gas field that you can find. Even if they do not have a job position that is an exact match for you. You may be able to start in a different area and then move up to a better position later. At least you would have a job and any benefits that the job may bring.

RECRUITERS - If you are working with a recruiter make sure that they are reputable and that they are actually dealing with the company that they say they are representing. You can call the human resources department of the company and ask them if the recruiter represents them or is working with them to find job applicants. Now you know how to find legitimate oil and gas jobs in Nigeria.

FOLLOW UP - Keep following up with any potential employer to let them know that you want the job. If you get an interview, send them a letter thanking them for the interview and letting them know that you think you are perfect for the job.

If you know how to find legitimate oil and gas jobs in Nigeria, you will find one.

How To Get Legitimate Bank Jobs in Nigeria Online

Have you been wondering how to get legitimate bank jobs in Nigeria Online? It is possible to find a lot of job leads online for jobs in Nigeria. Banking jobs require a high level of professionalism. Make sure you are ready for your interview when you get one.

How To Get Legitimate Bank Jobs in Nigeria Online

1. Prepare a very professional CV or resume. Your resume or CV must contain all of the pertinent information that a perspective employer is looking for such as your education relevant to the position, your job experience and history and any special interests or awards. Create a short but professional cover letter to go with your CV or resume. Make sure your resume is perfect before you start your job hunt. Have a friend proofread it to locate any mistakes you may have missed and spell check your resume also.

2. There are numerous online websites for finding bank jobs in Nigeria. Banking is a very large industry in Nigeria, you should look into as many possibilities as you can. The more jobs you apply for the better the chance that you will get an interview.

3. Recruiters online or off can help you find the perfect banking job in Nigeria. They can also help you negotiate a great salary and benefits. If you are suspicious of a recruiter, you can always call the human resources department at your potential employer and ask them if they are working with the recruiter.

4. Arrange as many interviews as possible even if your job experience does not match perfectly with the job that you are interviewing for. You can always move up in the company later. Just get the job first.

You can easily learn how to get legitimate bank jobs in Nigeria online.