Monday, May 18, 2009

How To Find Legitimate Work From Home Focus Group Jobs

Did you ever want to know how to find legitimate work from home focus group jobs?

Focus groups are research groups that research a particular product or service to let the manufacturer know how well the product will do and who it will appeal to. It is so much fun that it does not even feel like work. It is more like researching a product for your own use. Focus groups allow you to make extra money and use new products for free.

Manufacturers desperately want to know what people think of their products so they know how to market it and make it better. Focus group participants get to test products for free as long as they give all of their feedback to the manufacturer. You can find legitimate work from home focus group jobs.

ONLINE FOCUS GROUPS - Manufacturers are making it even easier to be in focus group. Some focus groups can be done online while all of the participants are networked together.

TELECONFERENCE FOCUS GROUPS - Focus groups can also be conducted over the telephone. It is important that the focus groups discuss issues together as a group, so working over the phone is very helpful.

MINI FOCUS GROUP - Focus groups usually are comprised of 8 - 12 people, however, they can come in smaller or "mini" groups.

TWO WAY FOCUS GROUP - Sometimes manufacturers will have one focus group watch and observe a second focus group to see if they can add to the final conclusion of the focus group that is discussing the product.

Normally there is moderator for the group. Sometimes there are two moderators, one that takes one position and the other takes an opposing position. In other focus groups the moderators have different roles. One may make sure all of the rules and tasks are followed while the other makes sure that they stay on topic.

Sometimes the manufacturers will put someone from their company in the focus group. This can be known or unknown by the other participants. Obviously this can change the opinion of the group.

Although focus groups are used extensively by the U.S. government to evaluate educational materials, there are issues with using focus groups. Not all manufacturers want to take the time and spend the money on focus groups.

Search for paid focus group jobs online with your favorite manufacturers.

Now you know how to find legitimate work from home focus group jobs.

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