Saturday, May 16, 2009

How To Prepare For An Interview For Phone Operator Jobs (Not sex)

Have you been wondering how to prepare for an interview for phone operator jobs (not sex)?

Most likely your interview will be over the phone, most of the time the companies that you will be interviewing for are in another state or country. There are many telephone operator positions available that allow you to work from home or a phone call center. Companies would rather save money and the cost of benefits by having you work from home.

Because the company may be far away, the interview will be conducted over the phone. Make sure that you are sounding your best. Do not interview if you are sick or have a scratchy throat. Have a large glass of water nearby just in case you need it. Be prepared for a long interview. Use the bathroom before hand and have your resume or notes handy during the interview. You may also need to write things down, so have a pen that works in your hand.

EXPERIENCE - Make sure you mention any previous experience that you have had in this occupation. If you have had no or little experience ask what kind of training they have available. Include any experience in related customer service occupations.

EDUCATION - Your education is important for any job. List all of your education including any specialty classes that you may have taken. Awards and certificates should also be mentioned.

VOICE - Speak slowly, clearly and deliberately. You will need to come across very professionally during the interview to even have a chance at this job. First impressions are the only impressions in this instance. If your voice is not clear and precise, you will not get the job. Make sure that you are prepared.

Phone operator positions are highly coveted, especially if you are allowed to work from home. There will be a lot of competition. Phone operator jobs that do not involve sex are not as easy to come by as the ones that do include sex talk.

Be professional at all times even if you do not get the position. May be you will find a position with this company in the future. Do not burn your bridges. The company may have other information for you about other jobs or positions at sister companies. Ask as many questions as you can think of.

Now you know how to prepare for an interview for phone operators jobs (not sex).

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