Friday, May 1, 2009

How To Find Legitimate Work From Home Court Reporter or Transcription Jobs Online

If you are looking for a work from home position then you need to know how to find legitimate work from home court reporter or transcription jobs online.

Lucky for you the court systems in every state are trying to cut costs by reducing the amount of actual live court reporters that they have on their payrolls. Instead many courts are simply recording their live court proceedings and hiring court reporters to transcribe them at home on their own time. This development has opened up numerous new job openings for court reporters and transcribers.

PRACTICE TYPING - Court reporting requires accuracy and speed. Sharpen up on your skills before applying for positions in court reporting. You will be tested so please put down your accurate typing skills on your application.

CONTACT - Contact your local judicial system to find out if they have anything available in your area. You can also leave a resume just in case they are not hiring at this time.

PREPARE A PROFESSIONAL RESUME - It is imperative that you prepare a very professional, detailed and accurate resume. No typos or spelling errors should be found. Have a friend or a relative review your resume for accuracy.

You can learn to find legitimate work from home court reporter or transcription jobs online and work out of the convenience of your own home.

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