Saturday, May 2, 2009

How To Find Legitimate Work From Home Jury Duty to Make Money

Did you know how to find legitimate work from home jury duty to make money?

There are many websites that require jurors for mock and real trials. It is amazing that online jurors are in such a demand. In some instances you will be required to work as a juror during actual services and therefore you will need to be online the entire time required. Other times you may just need to fill out questionnaires or forms at your leisure.

There are many attorneys that need the help and advice of mock trials. They want to see how people of various backgrounds and walks of life will react to their case. They also want to see what the outcome could be in the same county where they may hold their trial.

Many online websites offer a mock trial or real trial services. If an attorney wants to find out how his case will do in front of a jury, he can practice with an online jury. Sometimes this requires the juror to follow along at the time of the case and other times, questionnaires and forms are filled out at your leisure. Work from home jury duty jobs really do exist.

The mock trial websites pay members of the community where the real trial make take place to participate as jurors. You will only be asked to participate when there is a trial in your area that you qualify for.

The actual trials are very entertaining. This type of work is fun and pays well. You will really enjoy participating in the trial and learning about the cases.


Most mock trial websites pay between $5 per hour up to a flat rate of about $60 for jurors for each trial. It is a fun and entertaining way to make money. The money is great considering it is very entertaining to do the work. You will learn about real trials and must keep information confidential. Each company has its own rules and payment structure check with each company before you sign up. Read all of the disclosures and rules.

If you have worked in the legal industry, are an attorney, have relatives that are attorneys or if you have been to law school, you will be required to disclose it. You will be required to give accurate personal information about yourself to the websites to find legitimate work from home jury duty to make money.

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