Saturday, May 16, 2009

How To Find Free Legitimate Work From Home Typing Jobs

You can easily find free legitimate work from home typing jobs.

Work at home typing jobs really do exist. I am doing one write now, running my own blog is one of my jobs. It is an easy typing job that I can do at my leisure. If you are looking for similar work, it is available just about everywhere you can think of.

TYPIST - Many occupations such as an attorney or small business owner, require documents and reports to be typed. Many entrepreneurs and small business owners want to save money by hiring freelance typists to type up their documents rather than hiring an employee. This saves the individual or company a lot of money.

CONTACT BUSINESS - Contact local businesses to see if they have any typing jobs that you can bring home and do at your own pace. You can quote them a per document price and not an hourly wage. Try to talk to the owner because the secretary or other employees may be your competition.

RESUME - Drop off your resume at local business that you believe may need some freelance typing jobs. Make sure your resume is extremely professional and perfect. Check and re check it. You cannot have any spelling errors or typographical errors on your resume. It is your job to pay attention to details. Try reading your resume backwards so that you can catch any errors.

PRIVACY - You may want to print up a privacy statement which you can sign and give to your client to let them know that any of the information in the document will not be disclosed to others.

ONLINE - You should also contact online businesses to see if they have any extra typing work. Many companies may have a backlog of work that their current employees may not be able to handle. Send your resume and follow up with the human resources department. Let them know that you are looking for sub contracting work and not to become an employee. They may be interested because they can pay you a flat rate and not all of the employee benefits.

PROFESSIONALISM - Be a professional at every level even you do not initially find work from a company or individual, you never know when you may have the opportunity to work with that company or person in the future, do not burn your bridges now.

Start today to find free legitimate work from home typing jobs online.

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