Saturday, May 2, 2009

How To Find Legitimate Online Work At Home Jobs

Did you want to know how to find legitimate online work at home jobs?

There are actually several places where you can find odd jobs, writing, doing data entry, review photos, etc. and get paid almost instantly. There have been times when I was paid within a couple of hours of completely my work. The money can then be deposited directly into your bank account. No paypal account needed or accepted.

Mturk - Mturk is run by so you know that they are a legitimate website. They always have numerous jobs available. Once the job is completed they pay very fast. I have been paid within hours of completing work at times. If the requester does not pay you, they are required to pay within 30 days, so you will not wait longer than that. It is very rare for that to happen. Although the pay is not great it is a legitimate work at home job.

Mturk requesters sign up to put data entry jobs on Mturk for workers to do. The requester sets the amount that the worker will be paid. Sometimes the jobs can be done very quickly and therefore it is worth your time to do the tasks.

Mturk jobs are extremely low paying so you have to do a lot of them to make money. They are called "hits". The hits range in value, but are sometimes only a few cents each. Each hit may ask the worker to view photos, write blog content, or some other mundane task. The work is normally pretty easy.

Mturk usually has a few writing hits. Workers are paid anywhere from $3.00 - $8.00 for a 1,000 word or less assignment. The work must be approved before it is paid. If you want to find legitimate online work at home jobs, Mturk is the place to be.

If you are an Mturk worker you should be aware that there is a website for all Mturkers to discuss the things going on at Mturk. The website is Be aware that sometimes requesters that have a bad reputation among workers will go onto and pretend they are a worker and say good things about themselves.

They pay you by directly depositing the money into your bank account or by issuing you an amazon gift certificate. The direct deposit is awesome and quick.

Now you know how to find legitimate online work at home jobs.

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