Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How To Find Legitimate Part Time Police Jobs

Have you been wondering how to find legitimate part time police jobs?

There are many police related jobs that do not require you to become an actual police officer or work full time. There are jobs such as police reserves, investigation consultants, and police dog handler and trainer.

POLICE RESERVES - Sometimes in retirement police officers become bored and want to participate in police work again. Because they are retired and are unable to come back to the force full time, they instead sign up to work as a police reserve officer. Police reserve officer jobs are usually part time. Police reserve officers normally do things such as transport prisoners and aide other police officers during their normal duty. Police reserve officers are not usually sent out on patrol, nor are they put in situations that are very dangerous. Police reserve officer jobs are perfect for retired police officers that still want to be involved in police work without the long term commitment. You will still be put through a long and vigorous hiring process and background check. You can find legitimate part time police jobs.

INVESTIGATION CONSULTANTS - Highly skilled individuals with excellent experience are often wanted for crime scene investigations, online cyber investigations and other investigations where the police may need outside investigators. If you have skills that can be utilized by the police department, contact them to find out what they have available. Sometimes they need people to pose as victims so that they can catch perpetrators in their online investigations. This is exactly how to find legitimate part time police jobs, get out there and ask questions.

POLICE DOG HANDLER AND TRAINER - Police dog handlers and trainers are not necessarily police officers. Many times they are just good dog handlers and trainers and over time become trusted by the police agencies that they do work for. This job does not usually require special schooling, degrees or police training. If you are a highly skilled dog trainer and handler, you can offer your skills to your local police department and they will let you know what training they will need you to do.

If you want to find a job in the police department, you do not necessarily need to become an actual police officer. There are many jobs that you can do, especially if you have some special skills that can be utilized by the police department.

Now you know how to find legitimate part time police jobs, so go out and get one.

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