Friday, May 1, 2009

How to Get Legitimate Writing Jobs Online

Do you want to know how to get legitimate writing jobs online?

There are many legitimate writing jobs online, I have first hand knowledge of this fact because I work for several very credible online companies. They pay fairly, accurately and on time.

EHOW.COM - You can easily set up an account on ehow and get started writing today. It may take a few months for your articles to start making money, but once they do it is good money and steady money. I have seen people start to make $500 per month in residual income in just four months. It took me five months to reach that level. Ehow does not pay up front payments, only based on the popularity of your articles using a secret formula that they will not disclose but seems to be based on google adsense revenues. Follow the rules and you will love posting your articles on ehow. It may start slow but eventually the earnings will start rolling in. They pay through Paypal only. All articles must be in the "How to" format and have actionable steps.

ASSOCIATED CONTENT - Associated Content pays upfront for articles that they approve. You can make between $1-$15 dollars per article depending on the quality and uniqueness of the article. Associated Content also pays additional performance payments based on views, but the money is not very good. If you are happy with just your upfront payments you may be happy with Associated Content. They do pay quickly, through Paypal only. Articles must be a minimum of 400 words. You can write in a variety of styles and on a variety of topics.

BUKISA - Bukisa has a unique writing program. You can actually build up a network of people under you and make profit off of them as well. The articles must be a minimum of 250 words but you can self publish without any prior approval. This does not change their earnings and they can always bring in people under them also. It is a great networking site and you can make some money on your articles. They pay through Paypal.

- Constant Content pays the highest upfront payments that I have seen for article content. You can actually post your content and the amount that you want for it. Potential buyers can get a preview of the first few lines of your article to see if they want to buy it. If it is sold the article is no longer yours and you do not receive any other payments in association with your sold article. Lengths of articles can vary. Your articles have to be approved before they can be viewed by potential buyers.

Now you know how to get legitimate writing jobs online.

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