Friday, May 1, 2009

How To Get Legitimate Oil and Gas Jobs in Nigeria

Do you need to know how to find legitimate oil and gas jobs in Nigeria? There are many companies that are hiring in Nigeria almost all of the time. If you have the skills and are willing to work hard you can find a job in oil and gas in Nigeria.

LOOK AT REPUTABLE COMPANIES - ExxonMobile, Adexen, Sahara Group, and WorleyParsons are all looking for reliable hard working individuals in the oil and gas field. From accountants to experienced engineers, there are many job positions available.

SUBMIT YOUR RESUME - Submit your resume to as many companies in the oil and gas field that you can find. Even if they do not have a job position that is an exact match for you. You may be able to start in a different area and then move up to a better position later. At least you would have a job and any benefits that the job may bring.

RECRUITERS - If you are working with a recruiter make sure that they are reputable and that they are actually dealing with the company that they say they are representing. You can call the human resources department of the company and ask them if the recruiter represents them or is working with them to find job applicants. Now you know how to find legitimate oil and gas jobs in Nigeria.

FOLLOW UP - Keep following up with any potential employer to let them know that you want the job. If you get an interview, send them a letter thanking them for the interview and letting them know that you think you are perfect for the job.

If you know how to find legitimate oil and gas jobs in Nigeria, you will find one.

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