Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Work At Home Full Time

How to Work At Home Full Time

MODIFY YOUR CAREER - Talk to you boss about modifying your career so that you can work from home. This arrangement may benefit the company that you work for as well. They would save money on the office space and utilities that you use at work.

If your boss does not agree that it is a good arrangement, you can try to convince him that you should work from home in the following ways:

1. Try it out. Ask your boss if you can test drive working from home for one month to see if it will work out. It is important to give yourself enough time to acclimate to all of the changes. One month should be enough time.

2. Use your vacation time to prove to your boss that you can work efficiently from home.

FIND A NEW CAREER - Research new careers that you can do from home.

Freelance Writer - Beginning writing online for various websites such as this one. You can and will be paid for your writing online if you use legitimate websites such as eHow.

Stock Trader - Teach yourself how to trade stocks and currency online.

Real Estate Investor - This is an excellent time to invest in real estate and convert them into rental properties for monthly income. Pick up some books on how to get started in real estate, it is easier than you think.

Arts and Crafts Creator - If you are crafty, this is the business for you. Sell your arts and crafts at fairs and on the internet.

Knowing how to work at home full time will give you the freedom to work in your pajamas.

RETIRE EARLY - Plan out how much money you need to retire early. You may need to meet with a financial advisor to clarify all of the details. Once you have a number figured out, decide how you can reach your goal and retire early.

You may be able to supplement your income by adding some of the jobs in step two to your current schedule. Add passive or residual income from writing, real estate investments or stock trading to your portfolio so that you can retire early.

If you need more information on how to work at home full time keep reading this blog.

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