Thursday, February 19, 2009

Writers Write | Work At Home

I know you think you want to work at home, but have you started writing yet? You cannot start making an income at home until you start writing. I have given you the first steps already. You could actually make at least one dollar today and probably more just by following my first step and starting a blog. I know that the first dollar does not sound like very much but it is and it is very important symbolically. First it shows you that you can be paid for your work and secondly it shows that you are on your way to earning an income at home.
If you forgot the firts step go back and read my previous blog. Now I know that getting started in the writing world can be intimidating, who do I contact, what should I say? I don't have a resume prepared. Although there are jobs where you will need to do those things, there are plenty of jobs where you do not. There are many websites where you can simply open an account and start writing.
If you just want to ramble on and write about anything, than a blog is best for you. You can open a free blog, here on or you can open a blog at who will pay you a $1.00 per day to write a 100 word blog on any subject each day. Blogging is fun and you can do it whenever you want although most people try to find a regular schedule so that they can take care of their regular fans.
The next level up from blogging is writing for an article website. Here your thoughts will need to be slightly more coordinated but I have seen many people write articles on these sites that most likely write with a crayon at home. These websites will pay you in different ways. Bukisa pays you residuals on the ads they place on your articles, plus they encourage you to invite friends to join underneath you. You can self publish immediately all articles of 250 words or more, which is nice. You make money on the network of people under you as well, which is a pretty sweet deal I must admit. As soon as you have made a penny from someone elses work, you will be estatic. pays you residuals on ads placed on your articles only. You must earn $10.00 before they will pay you. I like ehow because you can write almost anything you want and you can self publish it immediately. Associated Content requires that each article be approved by them and at least 400 words. They pay approximately $3.00 for each 400 word article that they approve, you also receive residuals on the ads placed on your articles. If they do not approve an article, they will sometimes let you publish it without the upfront payment, but you still get the residual payments. Payments for articles vary.
I, of course, recommend that you try your hand at writing in several avenues to see which is best for you. There are many other article websites on line that you will be able to find easily.
If you really want to work at home, you will get started today on some of these adventures.

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