Friday, October 8, 2010

How to Keep Your Body Hot when You Are Working on a Porno

There are only a few lines of work that require you to look perfect, right down to the stray hair on your chin, the porn industry is one of them. You will need to keep your body looking hot if you want to keep working in the porno industry.


It is important that you keep your skin as healthy as possible if you are working in the film industry. You will want to drink plenty of water, each healthy amounts of vegetables and fruit and properly moisturize your skin every day. If your entire body will be visible in the scene, it is important and you moisturize every where on your body.

If you enjoy the look of a tan, but you do not want the dangers of skin cancer, try using a spray on tan or over the counter self tanner for a natural, but safe tan.

Avoid drugs, alcohol and sweets to keep your skin looking hot. Everyone working on a porno has great skin.

Hair Removal

In modern porno films, the less hair, the better. Remove leg, underarm, bikini and pubic hair safely using the products that you prefer such as razors, cream depilatories, waxing or tweezing. Men should even remove the hair on their backs and chest if they prefer or are required to by the director.

Everyone working on a porno has all of the hair shaved off of their private parts.


Keep the visibility of cellulite to a minimum by massaging a lotion into your skin. Just the act of massaging will reduce the look of your cellulite, you do not need to use an expensive cream or ointment. Cellulite is almost never seen in porno movies. No one working on a porno has cellulite.


Keep your body looking hot by building muscles. You can keep your muscles strong and in shape by doing weight lifting for just fifteen minutes a day. Never work out the same muscles two days in a row, give them time to heal, build and grow before working them out again. Everyone working on a porno has great muscles.

You can work out your muscles in the convenience of your own home without expensive equipment. Just use your own body weight. Do push ups, pull ups, sit ups, squats and lunges to keep your muscles looking lean.


You cannot have any visible fat if you want to keep your body hot while you are working on a porno. If you do have fat, you will need to eat a healthy diet high in vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and fruit. Next you will need to exercise for at least sixty minutes each day. Do something that you enjoy such as tennis, soccer, dance, gardening, running, rowing or walking. No one working on a porno has fat.


Some tattoos look hot, but others look gross. Too many tattoos can be distracting for a porn film. If your tattoo is looking old, faded, blurred or just gross, you can have it professionally removed. Make sure you consider your choice of employment before getting more tattoos.


Just like tattoos, piercings can look hot, but too many can look gross. Add piercings one at a time until you have a nice balance.


You will need to wear heavy make up that is professionally applied for each scene. If you want to help your look, you can get permanent make up tattooed on such as eyeliner. Check with your dermatologist. Everyone working on a porno has professional make up.


Keep your hair looking healthy by eating properly and getting enough sleep. Avoid stress if your hair starts to look dull or begins to fall out.


It is important that you keep your teeth as white as possible if you are starring in a film. If your teeth are slowly turning yellow due to staining, avoid things such as coffee, tea and mustard. Use an over the counter teeth whitening kit to get your teeth looking healthy again. You can also whiten your teeth yourself by using baking soda and 3% household hydrogen peroxide with equal parts water and brush four times per day.

Keep your body hot while you are working on a porno buy paying attention to every detail.

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