Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Find Legitimate Jobs Doing Paid Surveys

If you have been wondering how to find legitimate jobs doing paid surveys, it is easy. You will find a plethora of paid survey sites online, some are better than others. One way to figure out if they are legitimate is the offers that they make. Do they really want your opinion on products or services or are they just trying to get you to sign up for products or services.

SIGN UP - Find legitimate paid survey sites online by trying them out. Sign up for several survey sites. Don't sign up for more than you can keep track of, so organize your login information and keep records. If you are uncomfortable giving private information online, then don't. Just skip that survey site and try another, there are plenty of paid survey websites for you to try. Set aside time each day to complete your jobs. If you do not do it on a regular basis it will not be profitable. If you want it to be a job, you need to treat it like one.

TAKE SOME SURVEYS - Take some surveys on each website to see which ones you prefer and actually make money. If a survey asks you to sign up for a service or product that you will need to purchase it is not a legitimate paid survey. Avoid companies that offer such items. You should never have to pay for anything or give your credit card information to become a paid survey taker. If it is a job then they should pay you. Even though the pay is small, you should be paid for the surveys not the other way around. If you do enough surveys per day on several different websites, you will begin making a small additional income.

FOCUS - Continue working for the companies that have legitimate surveys to take and actually pay you to take them. This is a great way to make extra money if you follow these simple rules. You can lose everything you made in a day, buy making the mistake of signing up for a service that you will need to cancel in 30 days, so do not fall for the scams that are out there. You will know by the surveys that they offer if they are legitimate, the bad sites offer a bunch of surveys that actually cost you money.

Take the time to complete a few surveys per day and you will make some extra income. You can find legitimate jobs doing paid surveys once you have checked them all out.

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