Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Find Real Estate Careers

Knowing how to find real estate careers can pull you through down times in the economy. This is an excellent time to be in real estate or to get started in real estate. Things are still moving and houses are still being bought and sold. Someone needs to do all of the paperwork, why not you?

STUDY - Study for your real estate career. To be a real estate agent, you will first need to become qualified. This will require studying and then taking a test to become an agent. Once you become an agent, you will need to work for a broker. You must have your license with a broker unless you are a broker yourself. Study using online training sites to help you to become familiar with the industry. You can take classes that are required online or at your local community college. You can get started as a real estate agent with just some of your classes finished. You can then finish the rest of your classes while you are training on the job.

REAL ESTATE BROKERS - Look for a real estate broker in your area that you are comfortable with. You will need to work under a broker. Normally brokers allow you to work certain hours answering the phone and taking any leads that you find through those calls. You will only be paid if you complete a sales transaction. You will be given a percentage of the sale. The normal real estate contract gives each agent 3% of the sale of the property. However, since you are working with a broker, you may need to give the broker up to 50% percent of that amount. So you will actually make about 1.5% of the sale at first. As you become more successful, the rate you make will increase with the broker.

MAKE YOURSELF AVAILABLE - Make sure that you are available anytime that your clients need you. Real estate agents that are available are the ones that get work. Spend as much time as you possibly can at the office answering calls. Be nice, friendly and helpful to everyone.

You can find real estate careers, they are available in every state. Find out what your state requires before you start your real estate career.

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