Monday, April 5, 2010

How to Have Better Oral Sex With Your Husband

How to Have Better Oral Sex With Your Husband

Have you been wanting to spice up the oral sex that you give your husband? May be you feel like you just are not doing a good enough job or may be he doesn't seem interested in getting it. Well, there are a few simple techniques that you can use to make it better.

Want It

Begin to want to give oral sex to your husband. If you do not want to do it or you are not "really" into it, then it will not be as good for him. You need to want it like you want a double chocolate scoop of ice cream. You need to devour it.

The secrets to oral sex are simple, have a passion for it and show your passion. The more passion you have for giving oral sex, the better it will be for your husband.

Make It Your Idea

Give your husband oral sex when you are in the mood for it. It is no fun for him to ask you. Surprise him with a ravenous hunger for a blow job and he will be so turned on that it won't last for long.

Amazing oral sex begins with a desire. That desire starts with you and ends with him.

Doesn't every girl want to know how to give great oral sex to her man? Be your husbands girlfriend by giving him the hottest oral sex possible. Being hot and sexy is just a frame of mind. Set the mood and you both will be satisfied.

Oral Sex Tips and Tricks

Heat up your bedroom by playing some adult movies before you get started.

Try having oral sex in an exotic location, like at drive in movie.

Make sure you have plenty of lubrication.

Don't use your teeth.

Make your thumb and pointer finger into a circle and use it as an extension of your lips, this will double his pleasure.

Perform great oral sex on your man and he will be literally eating out of your hands. Your sex life and your marital bond will be stronger, especially if he gets it on a regular basis.

Have you noticed that I didn't say "boyfriend" anywhere in the article. That is because you do not want to waste great oral sex on a boyfriend. Blow jobs are not appropriate during dating, but should be an added bonus of marriage.

Give your husband the thrill that he deserves tonight.

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