Friday, April 9, 2010

How to Get Legitimate Work At Home Phone Operator Jobs (Not Sex)

Do you want to get legitimate work at home phone operators jobs that do not involve sex? Companies throughout the United States of America and the world are looking to save money by outsourcing as many jobs as possible. This has left a need for qualified individuals to work professional jobs at home.

Apply for a job as a telephone receptionist. In the past telephone receptionist worked in the front of an office, but in today's virtual world they can be anywhere in the world. You will not need any special training or prior experience to work as a telephone receptionist. You may need special software downloaded onto your computer so that you can answer phone calls and forward calls to the correct destination. The number one requirement for this position is a good phone voice and pleasant disposition. You will have set hours when you will have to answer every call that comes through promptly. You cannot have any noise or distractions in the background. This is a perfect work at home job.

Apply for a job as a customer service operator. Customer service operators will require a certain amount of training and possibly some prior experience. Normally a customer service operator will need access to customer records and know how to help the customer with basic issues. This will require enough skill to deal with unhappy customers and know how to resolve their problems. A compatible computer, phone system and software will be required. Most of the time companies will provide everything you need except for a compatible computer. They may even pay for your internet connect. If you have the proper skills, this is a great work at home phone operator job.

Apply for a job as a telephone operator. Telephone operators connect long distance calls, give out phone numbers and addresses and other telephone related issues. You will need training to do the job but most likely no prior experience is needed.

Apply for a job as a technical support operator. Technical support operators are required to have prior experience, education and a large amount of technical ability. A technical support operator is required to help customers with technical issues and solve their problems in a timely manner. A high level of skill is required for this position.

Knowing how to get a legitimate work at home phone operator job will save you hundreds of dollars on commuting each year.

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