Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Start Your Own Catering Company Today

Knowing how to start your own catering business today can give you the jump start you need to own your own business. Catering companies can be started with very little start up money. You will need to have some talent for cooking, if you do not have appealing food then catering is not the business for you.

BUSINESS START UP - Start up your new catering business by contacting your local county government to find out what is required. Normally, in most states you will be required to file a fictitious business name statement, apply for a business license and open a bank account in the name of your business. You may want to use your home address and phone number at first because the cost of a business address and business phone is quite high. Because food preparation is involved, there may be some special requirements for the kitchen that they food is prepared in and how it is prepared.

TAKE SAMPLES - One of the easiest ways to start a catering business is to take samples of your best food everywhere you go and let everyone know that you cater. Take samples to work or send them with your spouse to work. Take samples to your kid's soccer game and to social gatherings. Everyone will think that it is wonderful that you brought food, especially if it tastes good. Your best source for new business will be word of mouth. If your food is good, you will start receiving requests for catering weddings, birthdays and other special occasions.

BUSINESS CARDS AND FLYERS - Print up business cards and flyers for your new business. It is best to leave out prices in your flyers or brochures because that information can become dated too quickly. Just discuss the types of food that you offer and the events that you specialize in catering.

Hand out your business cards where ever you go. Have them in your pocket and ready to give out after you have given them a sample of your wonderful food.

This is one of the easiest business to start because the sales are so easy to get. Just make sure you take a deposit for each job because once you have spent the money on the food, you do not want to get burned. Let all of your customers know your policies for cancellation.

You can start your own catering company today very easily, I know you can do it.

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