Saturday, April 10, 2010

How to Prepare Yourself For Acting Auditions

Preparing yourself ahead of time for acting auditions will keep your stress level low and your performance at it's best. Start preparing hours or even a day before hand. You never know when you will get your big break so you should be ready for each audition. Make sure your agent only sends you to auditions that you fit the call for.

SLEEP - Get plenty of rest before your audition. Do not go out the night before your audition. You do not want to look like you just rolled out of bed when you show up for your acting audition.

Go to be early the night before.

Take a nap on the day of your audition, but make sure that you wake up at least two hours before your audition.

MENTALLY PREPARE - Relax yourself about two hours before your audition. Use some common relaxation techniques such as yoga or self hypnosis.

Release any negative thoughts or feelings from your mind. Do not dwell on problems in your life or other negative thoughts before or during your audition.

Erase any self doubt prior to attending your audition.

PRACTICE - Practice lines from your favorite play in front of the mirror the day before or the day of your audition. Practicing and memorizing lines will help you to perform better at your audition and be more confident in your performance. It will also be helpful if you are asked to show your talent in your own way. You can perform your memorized lines and sound professional. Memorizing things will stimulate your brain and help you to be at your best.

APPEARANCE - Dress comfortably for your acting audition. Wear something that you feel good in physically and mentally. You want to look good and feel confident in your appearance without looking like you are going to the opera. Casual and confident attire is best. You will be showing who you are inside at your audition. You do not want your clothing labeling you for a specific role or out performing your performance.

AUDITION - Go to your audition feeling confident and looking your best. Listen carefully while you are there and make sure that you follow every instruction exactly. This is a very detail oriented business, there is no room for error.

Read your lines precisely. Good actors read exactly what is written on the script. Do not ad lib, change or delete words. Read each word in the manner in which it was intended.

Acting agents can find you the best auditions. Make sure you always use an agent.

Also look in the newspaper or online for open casting calls.

Find Disney acting auditions and kids acting auditions through reputable agents only.

You can prepare yourself for acting auditions before each audition.

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