Friday, April 9, 2010

How to Use Sex Pheronomes

Pheronomes are naturally secreted by all animals on earth including insects. Their sole purpose is to change the behavior of others in their species. There are pheronomes that indicate a female is ready to mate, some that indicate that food is nearby and some that indicate other alarms and signals.

In humans, sex pheronomes are used to arouse the interest of a female. This is a natural process and the scents are usually undetectable. Pheronomes may be responsible for giving people the "love at first sight" feeling.

Get Sweaty

Men should get sweaty to turn on their women. Preliminary studies have shown that sweat from the under arms of men affect how women menstruate. A women who does not have a normal menstrual cycle may see her cycle become normal after being exposed to male under arm sweat odor.

Under arm odor is also used to help people choose mates that they are not closely related to.

Women are sexually aroused by male under arm odor and males are aroused sexually by female under arm odor. This effect has had the same results among homosexuals as it did with heterosexuals. Gays were aroused by the odor of other men and lesbians were aroused by the odor of other women.

These things happen without either party being aware of the affects. Undetectable scents can change your body without you even knowing about. It is these undetectable scents that can attract you to a mate.

This may also be the reason that women who spend a lot of time together eventually share the same menstrual cycle.


Wear perfumes to attract a mate. Some perfumes have been shown to attract and arouse the opposite sex similar to the way that natural pheronomes do.

Keep trying until you find the perfume that turns on your mate.

Sex Pheronome Products

Try a new sex pheronome product. Although past products were not reliable. More recent technology has brought better products to the market that work better.

If it doesn't work, try attracting a mate using your own natural pheronomes under your arm pits.

Get Close

Spend time with your true love getting close. The closer you are the more of your undetectable scent he or she will take in. This will help the two of you decide if you have found your true love, soul mate or a good scent match.

Pheronomes work naturally whether you want them to or not, but you can help them along by getting sweaty, wearing perfume and getting close.

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