Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Start A Social Worker Career

Knowing how to start a social worker career will give you a jump start on an excellent career. Social workers make good money and they normally work for the county which means steady work with good benefits. To become a social worker, you will need a good education and a Master's Degree.

HIGH SCHOOL - Finish high school if you are interested in a career as a social worker. It is your first step in getting the education you need land this job. You will also need to get good enough grades and a good grade on the SAT test to get into a decent college. Getting a job as a social worker is almost solely based on achieving a Master's Degree. Your degree starts with you graduating from high school and moving on to a four year college.

BACHELOR'S DEGREE - Attend a college with the intent of obtaining your Bachelor's Degree. There are many different majors that you can take if you intend to be a social worker. Meet with your counselor in your first year of college to make sure that you are taking the classes that you need to get your degree in an appropriate field for social work. You can obtain a Bachelor's Degree in social work, psychology and other areas for a job in social work.

MASTER'S DEGREE - Achieve a Master's Degree once you have finished your Bachelor's Degree. Most employers require a Master's Degree for a social worker position. Discuss it with your professors and counselors at school to make sure that you are headed in the right direction to become a social worker. It is a lot of work, but in the end well worth it. This type of work is very gratifying. You will make a nice salary, receive good benefits and greatly improve the life of the people you work with.

FOOT IN THE DOOR - Accept any position that you can find in the Social Services Department of your county. Once you have your foot in the door, you will be able to move up quickly to the position that you want. Not many people are qualified to be social workers, so as positions open up you will be offered an opportunity eventually. Just be nice and fair to everyone, so that when the position becomes available you will be looked at for the job.

Knowing how to start a social worker career will give you the head start that you need to be successful.

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