Monday, April 5, 2010

How to Get Your Wife To Give You Oral Sex More Often

How to Get Your Wife To Give You Oral Sex More Often

Do you want your wife to give you oral sex more often? Help her out by making her feel confident in her oral pleasure skills. Help her learn a good technique that is easy to do and easy to remember. Be patient as she becomes more comfortable with pleasuring you orally.


Buy your wife a practice dummy so that she can practice oral sex. The practice dummy can be in the form of a blow up doll or a rubber toy.

Don't embarrass her by wrapping it up and giving it to her as a gift. Just sneak it into her nightstand, under the bed or in the closet. Then let her know that you left a gift in there for her to practice with.

Give her privacy to practice on her own in her own time.


Try having oral sex in water. Oral sex in the shower, hot tub, pool, bath tub, or river may be easier for your wife. Spice up your oral sex by trying a new location often.


Send your wife to an erotic sex toy party with her friends. The hostess will tell your wife about new oral sex techniques and tips. She can also purchase sex toys and erotic lingerie. She may want to get some themed outfits such as a french maid or a dominitrix.

Your wife may even want to become a hostess herself and start having her own erotic toy parties.

Warm Up

Warm up your wife to oral sex by playing an adult entertainment movie before sex. Once your wife sees how easy it is and how much it turns you on, she may be more willing.

Once she gets a glance at the oral sex exercises on the screen, she may want to try some herself.

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