Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Get Oregon Unemployment Benefits

Apply to get Oregon unemployment benefits if you have been laid off from your employment. Unemployment benefits are for individuals that were working at a job and then lost that job. Unemployment benefits are not for individuals that have never worked, have not worked in the last two years or are retired. If you have been injured, you should look into disability benefits.

CALL - Look up the phone number for the unemployment office in your area of Oregon. The local unemployment office may or may not be still open because you no longer need to apply in person. As a matter of fact, if you show up there, you will not be able to apply there. They will tell you to call and apply over the phone. You can find the phone number to file for unemployment in the government section of your telephone directory. Look under unemployment. Have all of your personal information easily available for the phone call. You will need all of the information about all of your employment in the last eighteen months or more.

APPLY - Follow the instructions on the automated system. Enter all of the information requested properly. The Oregon office of unemployment will send you documents for further information if needed.

FILL OUT THE PAPERWORK - Fill out all of the paperwork when it arrives for your Oregon unemployment benefits. Fill out everything accurately and check over your work. Pay special attention to the type of writing instrument that you need to use. Usually a blue or black pen is sufficient.

FOLLOW THROUGH - Fill out the paperwork that the Oregon office of unemployment sends you every other week. Normally they will send you paperwork for a two week period. Fill it out and send it back in a timely manner. If you find work, mark that down on your paperwork. Sometimes even if you do work a little bit, they will still pay you all or part of your unemployment benefits or you may need to reapply if you have an extended period of employment.

When your check arrives deposit it immediately and make sure that it is for the correct amount. If it is not correct contact the Oregon unemployment office immediately. Send your paperwork in promptly.

The Oregon unemployment office handles everything quickly and easily.

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