Friday, April 9, 2010

How to Get Legitimate Work From Home Phone Sex Operator Jobs

Knowing how to get legitimate work from home phone sex operator jobs will help you to earn an extra income. It may seem like getting a legitimate work from home phone sex operator job is fast easy money and you don't even need to get out of your pajamas but there is more to it than you think.

EMOTIONS - Evaluate your own needs. You will need to decide if you can handle this job mentally. If you are able to let keep your emotions out of the job then it just might work for you. It can be very tedious because your job as a telephone sex operator is essentially to be an actress. If you can keep yourself in the actress mindset, you will be all right. However, with each call you will be required to connect with the caller to keep them on the line for as long as possible. When the call is disconnected the money stops. It is tricky to manage your emotions and it can feel very strange. You will be a phone sex actress.

FAMILY - Analyze your families needs. How is your family going to handle this job position? Certainly it is not a job you can do around your children unless they are tiny babies. You also may not be able to do it if your husband or boyfriend is around. It is a job best suited for singles. This is essentially a phone actress job and you need to think of it that way. You are acting a part. Your family may or may not understand this point.

RESEARCH THE COMPANIES - There are legitimate phone sex operator jobs available where you can work your own hours from the comfort of your home. Each has its own rules, hours and compensation information. Look into them thoroughly to find the best one for you. Some offer pay by the hour and some offer pay per minute that you are on the call. Being a phone sex actress is not easy, but it is worth the money.

PAY - Review the potential pay. Many people claim to make about $10-$20 per hour in the phone sex operator occupation. Ask the company that you are planning to work for how much you can expect to make. Most companies pay you within 2 weeks of the work performed.

Knowing how to get legitimate work from home phone sex operator jobs will help you to make the career change that you need.

TRAINING - Request training from the company. Legitimate phone sex operator companies will give you plenty of training and support to be successful. Always ask what kind of training and support a company has to offer. If a home based phone sex operator job is right for you, there are many companies for you to choose from and the best part is that you never have to leave your home. Now you know how to get a legitimate work from home phone sex operator jobs today.

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