Sunday, July 12, 2009

How To Become A Telephone Actress

Have you been wondering how to become a telephone actress? Telephone actresses are better known as phone sex operators. It is much easier if you think of yourself as an actress that is playing a role, rather than a person trying to be a phone sex operator.

How To Become A Telephone Actress

Evaluate Your Position - Your home life is crucial to your success as a telephone actress. Are you single? This job position seems best suited for singles. This job requires that you have complete privacy. Do you have a spouse or children at home? This job makes a great work from home job but only if you have the proper privacy to get the job done. If you are working from home with children this job is not advisable. If your spouse is not supportive of you being a phone sex operator out of your home, you may want to find other work. You will need to make a decision whether or not a telephone actress position is best for your family.

Evaluate Your Emotional State - Becoming a telephone actress can be taxing on you mentally. You will need to learn techniques to overcome the issues that you will face on a daily basis being a phone sex operator. Can you handle the rejection, rudeness and perverted comments that will be slung your way day after day? Can you take yourself out of your mind and just perform a mindless task? You will need to decide if becoming a phone sex operator is right for you.

Telephone Actress Companies - Look up phone sex operator job positions on the internet to find the most current phone sex operator positions available. There are many companies that are offering this service. There should be no fees or expenses to apply for a job at a phone sex operator company, nor to find out more information about the company or the position. There should never be any fee for training. If a company asks you to pay for anything you should be suspicious. Never give your credit card information or pay to apply for a job.

Phone Sex Operator Training - Most companies offer free training for phone sex operators. Some companies may not supply training. Either way, you should never pay for training, it should always be free. The phone sex operator companies want you to succeed and will give you all of the training that you need, including free scripts and free practice as a telephone actress.

Phone Sex Operator Salary - There are two different ways that phone sex operators are paid. You can be paid an hourly wage and work a set amount of hours each day. This form of payment is not as lucrative as the other form of salary called the paid per minute salary. When you are paid per minute, you must try to keep the caller on the line for as long as possible.

Benefits - Ask each company what kind of benefits they offer and make sure that you understand if you will be a contractor or a paid employee.

If you are looking for legitimate work as a telephone actress you will need to actually work. This is not a money for nothing job. Once you begin actually working, you should be paid for your efforts. Find out what the rules are and when and how you will be paid.

You can find out how to become a telephone actress if you do your research.

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