Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How to Feng Shui your Home Step 1

How to Feng Shui your Home Step 1

Feng Shui is very detailed and complicated so I will attempt to break it down in small steps, look for future articles on more advanced steps. Feng Shui is not a religion it is common sense.

REMOVE CLUTTER - The first thing that you will learn about Feng Shui is that neatness counts. It is very difficult to remove clutter, see an article on getting organized listed below under resources if you need help. A simple step is to just move everything to your garage until you have a place for it. A place for everything and everything in its place. I know this is a tall order and you may be working on it for a while. Over crowding is considered clutter as well, so if you have rooms that are too full, clean them out.

BROKEN ITEMS - If you have things that are damaged or not working they must be repaired or you must get rid of them. It does no one any good to have items that don't work.

CLEANING - Start your spring cleaning now. Clean your house from top to bottom and don't forget to open up some of your windows to let in some fresh air.

Once you have your home organized, uncluttered and clean you are well on your way to Feng Shui, this is definitely the tough part for most people. You cannot go on to other steps of rearranging and decorating without first taking the time to clean your house. Good luck!

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