Monday, March 16, 2009

How to Marry Rich

It is unlikely that a rich man or woman will come knocking at your door asking for your hand in marriage. If you want to marry someone rich you need to strategically place yourself in the right situation and be prepared.

PREPARE YOURSELF - Personal hygiene and clothing are imperative. You must look the part to get the part. Your hair, makeup and nails must be perfect as well as your clothing. Even if you cannot afford professionals you can still learn to do your own hair and nails. You can get at least one nice outfit, shoes, watch, etc.

GO IT ALONE - Unless you have the perfect friend to go out with you, it is recommended that you go out alone. Most likely your friend may ruin any friendships you may start, or even worse, she may steal your guy. If you are uncomfortable being alone, pretend that you are meeting a friend.

RESEARCH LOCATIONS - You will need to find out where the wealthy congregate in your area or you may need to travel. Tennis clubs, golf clubs, high end restaurants or bars. High end jewelry stores, car dealerships or boat marinas are also good.

BE YOURSELF - Men love to take care of women, so don't be a show off.

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