Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to Know Three Items That Sell in a Depression

How to Know Three Items That Sell in a Depression

Throughout the history of the United States of American, our economy has had many ups and downs. There are three things that Americans do not want to do without through good times and bad.

COSMETICS - Americans can't live without their lipstick. May be to keep up appearances or hide their despair. Possibly Americans just do not want to give up everything they hold dear. Cosmetics are always in the top three even when times are tough.

ALCOHOL - Whether it is for partying or for escaping, alcohol sales are in the top three even in the depression.

TOBACCO - Unfortunately, stress induces the need for more cigarettes in some people. Apparently enough people that Tobacco always makes it into the top three sellers for the depression and bad economic times.

This list shows that Americans are unwilling to completely change the lifestyle that we have worked so hard to develop.

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