Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to Keep Your Kids Organized

How to Keep Your Kids Organized

Hate searching for their jackets or shoes when it is time to leave? Do they have a ton of toys and books in your car? You can get them organized, kids like routine, they like pleasing you, they just need to know what to do.

DESIGNATE A SPOT FOR SHOES/JACKETS - A place for everything and everything in its place. I have my kids take their shoes of right at the front door. We have a cabinet with big drawers at the bottom to keep their shoes in. They are allowed to have only one pair out of the drawer. They will quickly start a routine if you tell them the rules and remind them when needed. Jackets and sweaters go on a set of hooks. They are allowed to have only one jacket and one sweater on the hooks. All others must be kept in their rooms.

PATROL TERRITORIES - Each of my kids is assigned an area of the house that is their area to patrol. It is usually their bedroom plus one other room in the house. They are given the authority to remind anyone in their territory to pick up after themselves and clean up messes. They are responsible for keeping the area tidy.

CAR ORGANIZATION - Each of my kids has a bin with a clip on lid in the car. They keep their books, pencils, paper and toys in the bin. If they want to bring something in the car, it must be put in the bin. I don't even need to remind them anymore, they go and get the bin and refill it with whatever they want to play with on long car rides.

EASY ROUTINES - Just like brushing their teeth in the morning and night, you can add additional steps to their routines. It is easy to add straighten your comforter and take dirty clothes to the laundry after they get dressed in the morning. The routines should be quick and simple. Making the bed sounds to complicated, but they can straighten the comforter and not leave anything on the floor.

Keep your kids organized and you will have less stress.

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