Friday, October 19, 2012

How to Clean and Whiten Your Dentures

Clean Dentures

The first step in proper denture care is removing your dentures and scrubbing them with a soft, gentle toothbrush, water and baking soda.  You can pick up a box of baking soda, Arm and Hammer or a generic brand will do, at the drug store for less than a dollar. 

It is a fast, cheap and effective way to keep your dentures clean.  Always rinse thoroughly.

Whiten Dentures

On the days that you feel your dentures need whitening, you will needs some 3% household hydrogen peroxide.  It can be found for about a dollar at stores such as Target, Costco, Walgreens, Safeway, CVS Pharmacy, Rite Aid, Winco, Kroger's, Raley's and Bel Air.

In a glass bowl, mix 1/2 part water with 1/2 part hydrogen peroxide.  Soak your dentures in the solution for as long as possible.  A minimum of 1/2 hour should be sufficient, but you can leave them in their for up to 24 hours if you want to.

Rinse your dentures thoroughly before returning to your mouth.  Hydrogen peroxide is one of the key ingredients in any teeth whitening formula from the drugstore or the dentist.  It is very effective on dentures because you can leave them soaking in it, unlike natural teeth.

Stain Removal

On occasion, you may need more intense stain removal for your dentures.  If you have been drinking tea or coffee, smoking cigarettes or cigars and eating blueberries, blackberries or mustard, you may have unwanted stains on your dentures.

Remove stains from your dentures by soaking them in a water and bleach solution once a week.
Mix 1 part bleach with 1 part water in a glass bowl.  Soak your dentures in the bleach mixture for at least 1/2 hour.

Rinse your dentures thoroughly for about three minutes under running, fresh water.

Brush your dentures with your favorite toothpaste or dental paste for a fresh taste.

The bleach/water mixture will remove all stains from your dentures.

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