Friday, October 19, 2012

How to Trade Penny Stocks Online Yourself

Learn to trade penny stocks online yourself and beginning bringing in an extra income for your family.  If you take the time to learn how to trade, when to trade and what stocks to trade, you will be successful.

In this age of technology you will be able to trade stocks online instantly during trading hours and place future trades 24 hours a day.

You will be able to begin investing with a small amount of cash and the potential to turn it into to thousands.
Open a Trading Account Online
Open an online trading account with a reputable broker such as Interactive Brokers, Scottrade, Charles Schwab, eTrade, Ameritrade, Trade King or Zecco.  You can open a trading account with as little as $500 for a cash account and as little as $2,000 for a margin account.

Margin accounts are preferable because you will be able to trade faster without waiting a 3 day settlement period in between trades. 
Ask your potential broker what their policies are on trading penny stocks.
Learn to Trade Stocks
Take free online classes to learn how to trade penny stocks.  Many trading websites offer free tutorials.  Your broker may also have many resources to help you get started. 
Find reliable information on stock trading on websites such as,, or other stock trading websites.

You may also want to purchase software that informs you when there are potential trades available.
Research Stocks
Once you have learn the ins and outs of technical and fundamental stock trading, you may want to start researching stocks.  Never purchase a stock before you have researched it thoroughly.

Stock trading is very risky.  Always make a trading plan before your purchase stock.  Plan your trade and then trade your plan.

You will be making extra money in no time.

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