Thursday, October 18, 2012

How to Feed Pills To Your Dog

There is nothing worse than having a sick animal.  When your pet is ill, all you want to do is make it better, but how can you get your dog to take pills that the vet prescribed?  The easiest way is to give it to them in food that they really enjoy. 
Be careful because with some types of food the medicine can fall out and end up on the ground.  Make sure that your dog actually consumed the medicine.
Always give your dog the exact amount of medicine prescribed by the doctor at the correct time each day.
Peanut Butter
It is very easy to take a glob of peanut butter on your finger and then push the pill for your dog into the glob.
Stick your finger into your dogs mouth and scrape the glob of peanut butter off onto their teeth.  The dog with take a few moments to suck down the tasty treat along with their prescribed medicine.
Egg or Meat
It is also easy to hide a pill for a dog in a cooked egg yolk or a chunk of meat such as hot dog.
They will gobble it down quickly, so look on the ground to see if the pill fell out. 
This is a fast and easy way to give your pet the medicine that they need.  It works almost 100% of the time.
Make sure the food item you use to feed them their medicine is something that they love.

The Food is the Medicine

My mom had a dog that was hit by a car.  The vet said she would never walk again.
After she was healed, my mom would buy her a McDonald's hamburger every day.  She would place the McDonald's hamburger a few feet away so that the dog would be forced to get up and walk a step or too.
It took weeks to get her walking again but it finally worked.  The McDonald's hamburger was just what she needed to get the motivation to get up and force her legs to work.

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